Providing supply chain integrity for the cannabis industry.

What is ETCH biotrace for cannabis?

ETCH biotrace is a verification technology that employs molecular tagging methods to ensure the integrity and provenance of ingredients and components in the cannabis supply chain—from seedling to point of sale— supported by cloud and blockchain technology.

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What makes us different?

Consumer trust and confidence

Like many other industries, we recognize consumer concerns around trust and safety. When ETCH biotrace technology is deployed, it is possible to establish the origin and identity of plants, extractions, edibles, and other cannabis by-products that will be sold to consumers laying a firm foundation for a relationship built on transparency and trust.

Regulation and Compliance

Complying with the oversight of regulatory provisions requires the ability to determine the origin and legality of cannabis at any point in the distribution chain. When ETCH biotrace is deployed it affords the only true way to achieve this; by directly tagging cannabis at its source. Combining a system of online distributed ledger, manufacturing control and molecular traceability within an existing seed to sale system provides provincial, state and international lawmakers a new blueprint to build and develop comprehensive guidelines, now and in the future.

Growth and improvement

With the information gleaned from supply chain transparency, producers, distributors, retailers and consumers will have an unprecedented view into the cannabis industry—driving accountability that will in-turn drive product and business practices improvement.

Let’s work together

Whether you’re a potential partner, regulator, customer, or if you’d like to join the team to help shape a new industry, reach out one of our three offices worldwide or contact us via email, online form, or phone at +1 (844) 877 2649.

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